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Welcome to Fruit Picking Australia. If you are thinking of backpacking around Australia, then fruit picking is a great way to earn money and qualify for your second year visa. You will find information here on picking techniques, clothing requirements, when to go where, accomodation, transport, how to survive the harsh Australian climate and much, much more.


Having worked my way around Australia as a professional contract fruit picker for almost two decades, I have learned how to work smarter, not harder. Fruit picking is often paid on a piece rate, either per bucket or bin depending on the fruit or vegetable. Some people make less than $100 a day while others earn $300. I have learnt that with the right attitude, the right techniques, and the right preparation almost anyone can earn well above the award wage.


Often on farms or in caravan parks where I stayed while working in a particular area I have met backpackers who struggled to make decent money because they lacked the basic skills and techniques that I as a professional had come to take for granted. Over the years I have had many ‘apprentices’ who within a week or so doubled the amount they were earning due to some tips and tricks I shared with them over a cold beer at the end of a hot, dusty day. This gave me great satisfaction.

Having retired from fruit picking after publishing my novel”The Ghost of Old Tom Joad”, which features some of the wierd and wonderful characters I met during my travels, I decided to share my knowledge and experience through this website. Through the information provided here I hope to make your time in Australia, not only memorable, but also profitable.


Please feel free to share any of the information you find here and also the FREE PDFs download. If you like what you read you may be interested in purchasing a copy of my novel or passing the link on. Many thanks.



Happy travels,

Wiebren Alma



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